The LeadershipEdge

The LeadershipEdge

Why Now?

    We live in CHALLENGING EMOTIONAL and COMPETITIVE times. Organizations and their human capital are stressed in many ways.  Leaders are under pressure not only to ensure their organization’s survival, but to make certain it thrives.  The goal of The LeadershipEdge is to provide you information and help you hone skills needed for you work toward developing your own Best Leadership Self and create a The LeadershipEdge.


How Does The LeadershipEdge Series Prepare You for Present and Future Challenges?

You will create a unique The LeadershipEdge Operating System (LEOS) or a theoretical frame of reference that will solidify your thinking, create strategies, and drive action as you tackle your organization’s challenges and prepare for its future.  The basic foundation of LEOS is programmed with Bowen theory, with information from related fields of science and organizational development, personal assessments, and your own family history.  As a result, you will understand how the system functions, how you function within the system, and how best to be a resource for the system.

What is Bowen Theory?

   Bowen theory is a unique theory about human behavior.  It is a natural systems theory closely associated with the biological sciences.  The theory was developed by pioneering psychiatrist Murray Bowen, M. D.  Its basic premise is that organizations and families operate as emotional units.  The theory evolved from Dr. Bowen’s observations made during his 5 year research tenure at the United States’s National Institute of Mental Health.  The theory continued to slowly develop into its current form, and after 50 years in action, it has certainly stood the test of time.

How specifically will Bowen theory contribute to your The LeadershipEdge?

  • You will learn about human behavior, human systems, and how they function.
  • You will better understand what drives your behavior as well as that of others.
  • You will gain insight into how organizations function as a system—or an emotional unit—and as such, how their performance becomes predictable.
  • You will realize how important it is for members of the organization to be at their best both individually, and as part of a team.
  • You will be able to identify your strengths and areas of challenge and how they were acquired through your family of origin experience.
  • You will enhance your resilience and that of the organization.
  • You will develop ways to integrate, manage and maximize this confluence of knowledge to become your Best Leadership Self and to sharpen your The LeadershipEdge.


Will I benefit from studying my Family of Origin and how does it pertain to Leadership?

Significant leadership character and skill develop when a leader studies their family of origin. It is essential to know your emotional assets and liabilities, how they were acquired, how they show up in your leadership thinking and behavior, and how best to modify and/or to utilize them.  This knowledge will assist a you to make change within yourself, a change that will be demonstrated through new, successful ways of thinking, and through behavior that will enhance your leadership development.


Has Bowen theory been Successfully applied to Leadership Development?

  • It has been taught to leaders and used by business coaches around the world.
  • Corporations, family owned businesses, religious congregations, nonprofit organizations, school systems, healthcare companies, law firms, and individuals have successfully used this approach to achieve desired outcomes, resolve business and personal problems, reduce conflict and increase cooperation within the organization, to clarify vision and mission statements, and to help their leaders function optimally.


What will I learn in The LeadershipEdge Series?

  • Informed by Bowen theory’s eight concepts, as well as from traditional leadership competencies, and personal assessment results, you will develop a solid theoretical basis from which to formulate your leadership direction, strategies, and interventions.
  • In learning how to evaluate emotional systems (yours and your organization’s), you will gain a better understanding of how the interactions and reactions of these systems impact your functioning, as well as the functioning of the organization and staff.
  • You will develop effective strategies to manage and reduce personal and organizational anxiety, and to strengthen and expand your leadership skills and capabilities.
  • You will learn to become more resilient and to foster organizational resilience.
  • You will create a personalized comprehensive leadership plan grounded in objective thinking, principled goals, and action steps. With this, you will have established your The LeadershipEdge.

Who will benefit from this Leadership Development Series?

  • Leaders who may be facing a significant leadership challenge or crisis. She or he may realize they are at a point in their leadership development in which they need to drill into who they are as a leader rather than acquiring new techniques or ideas to solve their leadership challenge.
  • Leaders who are motivated to be their best, and have a sense that self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-knowledge is key to their effort. This seminar is for leaders who are willing to engage in a process of self-assessment, and self-examination.  Additionally, these leaders are willing to take a look at how their ‘leadership self’ was influenced by the ‘family they grew up in.’  These will be leaders who are open to the belief that by integrating, rather than by side-stepping this personal information, their leadership development will be sharpened.  
  • Leaders who want to learn, to analyze, to apply, and to adapt. These leaders want to know more about human behavior, the science behind it, and want assurance the informational ground they are standing on when making decisions, forming strategy, and implementing interventions is solid.

Only with courage and commitment will you become your Best Leadership Self and develop a The LeadershipEdge.


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