What People are Saying

"Bring your BEST SELF to the Equations of Work and Home."

- Kent Webb

The LeadershipEdge Testimonials

Participating in the The LeadershipEdge series was a fulfilling and valuable experience for me as I seek to grow my management and leadership capabilities.  I found this course to be the most effective way to learn about my professional personality: what makes me tick, the environments in which I thrive and those environments in which I need to develop skills to be most effective.  I’m confident that learning how to apply Bowen theory to my professional life, especially in the area of conflict management will prove to elevate my leadership abilities.  This course introduced a unique approach to professional development that one wouldn’t be exposed to in a traditional seminar.  An approach that I believe managers and leaders at any level of their can benefit greatly from.

Josh Blinder, Senior Director of Operations. Benenson Strategy Group  

I found The LeadershipEdge incredibly beneficial. The presentation of Bowen theory helped me look at my family of origin and my place in it. This information provided real insight into the way I function as a leader. This helped me achieve better clarity about the kind of leader I want to be and how to get there. There was also focus on using this information to create future goals, both professionally and personally. The faculty was outstanding, and I especially appreciated their use of personal case studies to teach theory with humor and honesty.

Inga Longbrake, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO

The LeadershipEdge is an excellent training for all leaders, regardless of years of experience. Understanding the correlation between my family of origin and the type of leader that I am was very eye-opening.  The Birkman Personality Assessment provided validation about the work that I am currently doing. Creating a mission and vision statement for my life made me reflect about the type of person, leader and mentor I want to be. The expertise in the room was also impressive! Highly recommend taking advantage of this wonderful training.

Enid Nieves, Program Manager Hotline ,The Center for Trauma & Resilience

Executive Coaching Testimonials

One of the most effective means by which I have developed my strong leadership skills has been to retain and work with Kent as my executive coach. He is extremely talented and his working knowledge of how companies work, his friendly communication style and his credible educational approach make him uniquely qualified. Kent has taught me how to evaluate and understand the impact of the various communication and decision-making styles of companies and teams, the key to which is understanding the level of emotional functioning of the people within these companies and teams. Building upon this knowledge, he has shown me how to successfully navigate these cultures to maximize my leadership contributions against corporate objectives and to think more critically and strategically relative to both opportunities and risks.

As a result of being coached by Kent, I have developed strong leadership skills that I can quickly tailor and apply to any situation. These proficiencies have allowed me to maximize my success, open more doors and, equally important, derive more pleasure from my life’s work. I enthusiastically recommend Kent to anyone who wants to create a competitive advantage in leadership roles over his/her peers.

Terri Eggert, Acting CFO and VP of Accounting, The Penford Corporation (Prior to its sale to Ingredion Incorporated)

Kent’s ability to help me separate the situational issues presented by any particular work place challenge and my own issues that were contributing to the situation, was the key to helping me respond in a way that got me and the situation going in the most positive direction.  Once the issues are identified, Kent’s  ability to help me work on crafting more positive responses has been a big part of what I perceive as improved performance on my part.  For these reasons I highly recommend Kent.  If you are willing to work at this with Kent, you can get improved results!

M.M., Denver, Colorado

Kent’s coaching on being a better leader, partner, and family member is time well spent. Executive leadership transitions over the last few years meant that I needed to lead well for the sake of my large congregation and staff, my family, and my well-being.  Kent consistently asks the questions that allow me to draw on the knowledge I’ve acquired over 25 years, across many positions of leadership and responsibility. These questions include how I’ve learned to respond to life events from my family of origin. Some of those learned responses are still helpful and some no longer useful. The awareness of the difference has been transformational to my leadership and relationships.  Kent brings a wealth of experience and is a gifted coach.

Caitlin Trussell, M.Div, M.N., R.N., Pastor, Augustana Lutheran Church, Denver, CO

As the Executive Director for The Center for Trauma & Resilience, I have benefitted personally and professionally from  Kent Webb’s  wise and intuitive counsel. Kent provided guidance through individual growing pains, organizational conflict, and program development.  Kent’s patient, no nonsense approach inspires self awareness and accountability and that equals positive results!

Cathy Phelps, MA, LCSW, Executive Director, The Center for Trauma & Resilience

I have benefited tremendously both personally and professionally from working with Kent Webb over the past 25 years.  I met with Kent for professional coaching as I began my career as a licensed professional counselor and continue to “buy what I sell” from Kent in the form coaching and conflict mediation.  Kent’s approach is both relaxed and competent, providing support and opportunity for reflection and growth. 

Kathi Fanning, LPC, Director of Training, The Center for Trauma and Resilience

Kent’s coaching has helped me to manage myself more effectively when communicating and working with colleagues throughout our organization in my effort to yield positive outcomes.  As a result, I managed more from an intellectual space and less from an emotional one.

Through coaching, I am able to identify the reason for my over-functioning in my role as COO.  I have viewed colleagues and staff more as obstacles rather than putting in the time to effectively work with them as assets.

Kent works with me on difficult business decisions to help me understand the human behavior behind reaching the business objectives.  I have learned that human behavior drives the majority of the context behind business decisions.

Carl, Chief Operating Officer, Political and Corporate Communications and Messaging Consultancy, $20M+ 75 employees

Leadership constantly presents challenges both to the leader’s abilities and to them as a person. Things change, change brings challenge, and no matter how good a leader is, they can’t stop that from happening. How a leader handles those challenges will define them as a leader and have a great deal to do with how effective they can be.  My time with Kent has had an incredible impact on my ability to confront the challenges of leadership.  His targeted, personalized, and intimate approach has provided me nuanced support to improve both my tangible abilities and personal perspective.  His coaching is invaluable.

Shawn Smith, School Principal