Executive Coaching and The LeadershipEdge Development Program

"Examining and Assessing…our brain and mind…Essential."

- Kent Webb

WEBB Associates has created a unique 360 Coaching Program that includes a 360 Assessment and a 360 Best Self Challenge Plan that is integrated into all it’s coaching formats. The program consists of the following elements:

360 ASSESSMENT addresses 3 key areas:

The LeadershipEdge Development Program

…gaining leadership knowledge, skill, and competence;

Systems Analysis

…knowing how all the identified systems are influencing each other;

Differentiation of Self Assessment

…learning the process of integrating one’s emotional and intellectual self to improve performance and enhance functioning.

360 BEST SELF CHALLENGE PLAN identifies 3 significant areas of focus:

Specific leadership skills to grow.

Specific Systems interventions to make.

Specific Differentiation of Self aspects to monitor and move toward.